Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Real Life Pinterest.

Pinterest has taken over online in the last few years, but I'm still hanging on to the past. I pin like crazy and try not to get sucked in but I love a physical pin board for inspiration that I can see without looking at a computer screen.

My 'use what you have' mentality is great for the most part but you have to know when to give in and find something new. This pin board was a gem that came out of my Aunt's house and maybe even before that, my grandparents home. The extra wide frame is more substantial than what you find today and I'm a sucker for gold at the moment. What's not so great is how beat up the board is.
Solution = fabric. This round I decided to use what I had on hand... not in love with the way it turned out. It still looks like an old picture frame... fail.
I wanted it to feel updated but with a little charm. A trip to JoAnn's and it's looking fresh in an icy blue lattice!
Next time you see this one, I'm sure it will be filled up with all kinds of crazy ideas! Do you still linger in a past or have you moved on to being completely paperless?
Monday, June 8, 2015

Post Race Problems.

For the most part I feel like I live by this. My husband may disagree but I'm actually pretty good at throwing things away that we simply don't need anymore or that I'm become unattached to as my taste changes.

Many of my "keep" items I just can't toss because I know they will be fun to repurpose down the road-items like old necklaces, clothing with fun material, or random furniture that goes into the "look what I found" pile in the basement. While clearing out the shelves from the office I found my ever expanding collection of running bibs. These babies date back to my high schools years of cross country races week after week. 
The majority of the pile have no names on the bibs so I can't even tell you what race they were from. That means they are fair game for cutting and crafting. Let the race begin! (My more recent half marathons, high school state meets, and junior Olympics bibs were not harmed in the making of this art.) I pulled out the scissors and cut to my little heart's content. We're going for graphic, not precision, so I just played with the numbers until I liked the layout. 
The part I didn't anticipate was how to attach the numbers to the fabric. Sewing was the best I came up with. Red thread and patience went a long way and  I was pretty happy with how it turned out.
I got all done sewing the letters on and pulled out the iron. BAD IDEA. I melted a whole chunk of numbers and laid on the floor for a good three minutes to tell myself I hadn't wasted three hours. 
So, I looked on the bright side and salvaged what I could. Still a win. I love the graphic punch of the fabric behind the numbers. (It was a skirt that I split the seam on last year!) And, I don't mind the smaller scale. Looks like I'm still stuck with an empty frame in the collage for today though.
Any runners out there? What do you do with your race bibs? I've still got quite a few left that need a home!
Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I did as the Romans would do.

Confession. We got new windows in June and we've been living in a fishbowl until now, November 3. That's exactly 5 months later to the day. We finally have window coverings on the whole lower level. The bathroom was done the day of the windows for obvious reasons and the back two bedrooms that we never use already had drapery panels, along with the dining room.

But the living room, the room I wander around in most was open for all to see, especially when the days got darker earlier. I couldn't do draperies in there because of all the furniture below the window and I've always loved the look of roman shades. The thing I didn't love so much was the custom price tag that went with most of them, and they were all in plain material (what fun is that?).

I've been on a pattern kick and decided I didn't really like these store bought tribal style sheers for the office anymore. So I chopped up the 48x84 panels and decided I'd make my own roman shades using this tutorial from Jen Duncan.

As you can tell from this picture, I bought just enough material for the lining, with an inch to spare. Yikes!  

I adjusted Jen's measuring system, because my shades were a lot longer than hers.

They lay slightly more relaxed than the tutorials because I didn't add a third line of loop rings up the middle, but I like the casual look of them this way!

As Keith always says when we finish a project, "Alright, this room is done now!". He may actually be right on this one for awhile. I know we'll come up with plenty more to do but for now we can enjoy this space in the evenings without any outside onlookers.

Note, it took me a long time to find a tutorial that I liked and I would highly recommend using Jen's. She made it super easy and didn't skip a step. Let me know if your going to give it a shot, and now that I've followed it too, I can help answer any questions!
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