Bye Bye Brass Fireplace!

So many aspects of our houses just need a tiny bit of TLC to make us feel happier with the place we call home. In this case, an afternoon and a can of spray paint made spending this winter inside cozied up next to the fire feel less like an UGHH staring at this old brass insert and more like an AHHH because it’s no longer an eyesore. I ran into a friend the other day who was hoping for a more detailed breakdown of this transformation so I figured I’d share my process with the world so y’all can come to love your living room a little more too.

The Before: Gold Fireplace, Wood Trim, Green Walls, and all!

The Before: Gold Fireplace, Wood Trim, Green Walls, and all!

First, if your insert is easily removable (lucky you), I would 100% recommend tackling this project outside and just taping off the glass doors. If you aren’t this lucky, I’m right there with you, just follow along.

Fireplace Taped Off.JPG
  1. Grab your painters tape (I swear by Frog Tape) and tape off the glass doors leaving only the metal exposed. I also taped off a little section of my handles that were wood so only the metal parts would get painted black. I got excited to start so this step is shown on my before photo above!

  2. Use masking paper to cover your hearth and the remainder of your fireplace. Make sure you get it in really tight behind the insert so your spray doesn’t creep its way under an onto your bricks. Tape from right behind the inset onto your paper to make sure.

  3. Remove as much as you can from the room, and cover any and all other surfaces you don’t want spray paint settling on with more masking paper, tarps, etc.

  4. Open all windows and doors. Grab your face mask, goggles, and High Heat Black Spray Paint and go to town…. in very light layers at a time. Since this is inside you have to really be careful about how much your spraying or you’ll end up with black cloud in your living room. I just left the house and played outside while I let each coat dry for a few minutes.

  5. When the whole fireplace is covered it should have a pretty even matte black appearance. I let it dry for a few hours and peeled off the tape before bed because you know I wouldn’t be able to sleep without seeing the finished look!

Fireplace Spray Paint.JPG

As far as DIY’s go this one was pretty quick and easy if you’ve spray painted before. The only tricky part is that it’s inside so you have to make sure you’re space is well ventilated and that you don’t rush it to avoid that black cloud (can you tell I learned my lesson here).

The After: Freshly painted fireplace surround, neutral walls, and white trim. So much better!

The After: Freshly painted fireplace surround, neutral walls, and white trim. So much better!

I took on this project last fall and our family has enjoyed numerous fires since then. The paint has held up wonderfully and it totally changed the aesthetic of the room now that it’s black. The focal point is now the warmth of the fire when its on and not the shiny brass surround that dated the space.

Room with a View

After a move with a toddler who hated his crib from day one, we raised our white flag and put the crib away all together. Our big boy was ready for a new look; a bigger room, bigger bed, and BIG adventures.

mountain wall mural painted DIY.jpg

Chase's room is playful but not so themed that he'll tire of it in a couple of years (at least a mother can only hope). It's grounded with pale blue walls and lots of added personality punches from there on out. With a playful mountain mural in vibrant ocean shades of blue and teal I decided to keep the main furnishings in more traditional navy and grey. I plan to keep those whether he is tired of them or not!

boy bedroom art collage diy.jpg

His room is chock full of DIY's with many tweaks still to come but in the meantime he loves showing everyone his mountains and having lots of open space to play!

This is a big change from the all white nursery at our old house but is still the happiest of places to play with our sweet little redhead.

Alright, any guesses on when he'll want to change it all?!

From Leak to Retreat

Sometimes the universe knows our desires. And as it turns out I'm not the only one in the world who desired of a new master bath that came to fruition because of a leak. It's definitely not the easiest solution but we're looking on the bright side here people. 

This master bath was ready for a fresh contemporary look. The extra wall disguising the toilet and varied height on the vanity top made the space feel choppy and small. The dark counters and shades of tile all made the space feel dark. Here's a sneak peak at the what the bathroom looked like before rejuvenating it.

Modern, clean, calming and not too cold is what we were aiming for in this revamped master bath. White cabinets were a definite NO so I chose a stained hickory for the custom cabinets. The blend of warm and cool coloring in the stain had me at hello and perfectly complimented its heavy grain. I kept the palette on the warm side of neutral with the tile selections and made sure the space still felt crisp with a white hex floor tile in the shower and a white quartz counter on the vanity. 

A deep blue/green glass mosaic niche the length of the shower makes the space feel modern and open, not to mention functional. This color is brought out in the towel selection and again in the beautiful watercolor painting by Kelly Ventura. With all of the adjustments to the floor plan and new design the space now feels open and bright, but still has a welcoming warmth that relaxes the soul at the end of a long day. 


I am loving the warmer color palette, it's such a nice change from all of the grey and white (which I still love... clearly, see my own recent bathroom renovation). How about you, are you open to taking a chance on something new or would you rather go with what you know?!

Mini Master Makeover

Shortly after moving into our new house we realized our master bathroom shower was leaking directly onto our electrical box... no bueno. We had two options, find the leak and repair the tile or take it down to the studs and start fresh. The existing bathroom wasn't our style and felt cramped with a stall shower and linen closet both with doors opening into the tiny space. The space had potential despite its small size so we went all in and ripped all of this out! 

We wanted our new bathroom to feel refreshing, open and most of all functional for us. Must haves for my design plan included...

  • removing the linen closet and expanding the shower along the length of the wall
  • removing the soffit above the shower and linen closet to open up the space and raise the shower head
  • a seat in the shower
  • storage for everyday items since we wouldn't have much counter space
  • a neutral palette
  • and hex flooring, because I love it. 

I fell in love with this stormy blue lantern mosaic from Ann Sacks and the rest of the design all came together from there. 

master bathroom samples
penny tile and hex flooring

The space is grounded with a large textured hex tile in the main area and the grey transitions into the shower floor with a gorgeous penny tile and the perfect white granite with grey striations for the sill and shower seat.

Classic white subway tile and faceted polished nickel fixtures are timeless details that also brighten the space with their reflective nature. Walls painted in the faintest shade of blue (Sherwin Williams Quicksilver) make this the most refreshing place to start my day. The vanity was a great find and saved us from having to go the custom route. It has enough counter space for a flatiron (yes, I thought about that!), soap, and toothbrushes. The skinny drawer on the bottom is essential for staying organized, and the contrasting top gives it some character. And last but not least, our must have recessed medicine cabinet. Beautiful hidden storage for makeup, brushes, and everyday essentials that I don't want cluttering up our new space. 

And voila! We now have a beautiful master retreat that makes my heart happy. Everyone deserves a master bath that feels like a private oasis, no matter what kind of space constraints there are.

What would be on the must have list for your master bathroom?! A rain shower, a double vanity, or maybe even heated flooring... the list could go on and on! Share in the comments below or contact me if you're ready to make your master bathroom dreams come true!

Makeover Monday : Ottoman Edition

My job is to help make your home your happy place. There are a lot of specifics hidden inside that description and one of those is respecting your budget.

If you are a close friend of mine, you know I have a knack for turning something old into something new. It's my favorite way to personalize a space and it guarantees that your room is one of a kind. My latest flip took quite a bit of searching but it was so worth the search after I saw the finished product. I needed two 24 x 24 inch ottomans and was coming up empty. I found two custom options that were okay but completely busted the budget so something had to give.

Enter... two of these not so glamorous large leather ottomans. The stitching was coming apart, leather was peeling, tufted wasn't in our look, and they were just overall blah. Buttttt, the legs work, they were still sturdy, and they were $25 a piece! 


My clients fell in love the with the initial fabric I specified for a long coffee table ottoman so we ordered yardage and had the cubes reupholstered. They look amazing and my clients are happy they 1) got what they wanted and 2) saved some serious cash! Sometimes all it takes is the right eye and a few extra steps (on my end) to make it work!


How's that for a makeover Monday? Bright, bold, and ready to take on the week! Do you have any good trash to treasure stories? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!