Room with a View

After a move with a toddler who hated his crib from day one, we raised our white flag and put the crib away all together. Our big boy was ready for a new look; a bigger room, bigger bed, and BIG adventures.

mountain wall mural painted DIY.jpg

Chase's room is playful but not so themed that he'll tire of it in a couple of years (at least a mother can only hope). It's grounded with pale blue walls and lots of added personality punches from there on out. With a playful mountain mural in vibrant ocean shades of blue and teal I decided to keep the main furnishings in more traditional navy and grey. I plan to keep those whether he is tired of them or not!

boy bedroom art collage diy.jpg

His room is chock full of DIY's with many tweaks still to come but in the meantime he loves showing everyone his mountains and having lots of open space to play!

This is a big change from the all white nursery at our old house but is still the happiest of places to play with our sweet little redhead.

Alright, any guesses on when he'll want to change it all?!