Why Love Hue Home?

Welcome! My name is Justine and I'm excited that you are here! Love Hue Home has been a long time coming but before we dive into design, let me tell you how I ended up with a company called Love Hue Home.


Love:  1. warm fuzzy feeling  2. your favorite things  3. can never have enough of it

Hue:  1. color makes me happy  2. triggers emotional response 3. a little or a lot

Home:  1. the easiest place to be yourself  2. where life happens  3. where love grows

No textbook definitions here, but that's life. We are all so beautifully different, in what we love, what we do, and how we live our day to day. My goal is to design gorgeous spaces that allow you to truly LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. 

This looks different for everybody and that's what gets me excited about every new project. Whether you're single, married, have 5 kids, or 12 cats, you should feel happy at home. For you that may mean a styled formal space for cocktail parties or a stunning but livable space that functions as the play room, living room, and office on any given day. My point it no matter what life looks like I'm here to help. I want to help. At the end of the day, I would love for you to walk through your door and have your heart feel happy to be home.