No Theme Nursery Design

There once was a time when I completed rooms little by little around my house. Then my husband and I found out we had a baby on the way. All of a sudden things needed to get done and FAST. So I did the nursery all at once and kept to our tight budget thanks to savvy shopping and DIY makeovers.

We tested every rocker available, registered to our hearts desire, and shopped our house for what could be used in the nursery so we didn't have to splurge on everything. Chase's room is now my favorite room in the house, and the silly boy doesn't even sleep in there. But he occasionally likes to make goofy faces in his crib so we'll start there...


The nursery's white base and pops of color have me dreaming of painting our next house white all over. There's no true "theme" which was the intent and we love it. We splurged on the glider and rug, saved his dresser from the curb and gave it a makeover with paint and homemade leather pulls, and had fun with the art and accent pieces.


Kid's rooms are my new favorite because anything goes. Which is really how we should live in the rest of our home. Lesson learned. Live colorfully, live relaxed, live messy, just live like you. It's your house, why not?