Three Season Retreat Complete

Summer is hanging on here in the mitten state. It's been 85+ recently and should hold steady for another day or two. While I've been making sure to soak up all this hot sunny goodness I am still so ready for long sleeve, mug in my hand all day, hot cider weather.

As the seasons changed last week, I wrapped up a project on an enclosed porch while my clients were out of town. I wanted them to come home to a fully finished space and be able to relax in the evenings on these last few hot days. This space includes the clients' existing rocker that has seen a number of generations and a table purchased on a memorable visit to India. These pieces are already so full of color so it was a great jumping off point for the design direction. 

I defined the seating space with a navy braided rug and warm wicker furniture. The neutral linen-like outdoor fabric and soft curved lines compliment the clients' existing traditional pieces while plush seating and calm coastal blues invite you to unwind. Plenty of warm toned pillows and bold patterned ottomans give this space some one of a kind personality. My clients were thrilled and said it finally felt like an extension of their home, a place where they can enjoy the outdoors and beautiful Michigan weather!


What do your outdoor living dreams include? A built in grill, dining under twinkly lights, or a cozy room out of the rain just like here? Enjoy these last few days of the heat and I'll see ya next week when fall rolls around.